Saturday, stick around after the Doctor… for “Intruders”

Saturday, stick around after the Doctor… for “Intruders”


BBC America has been advertising the new series Intruders for months now but this extended trailer should be all you need to know this is a series pilot not to be missed.  So stick around after Doctor Who’s big premiere episode with the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi Saturday night.  It looks like Kate Hudson’s Skeleton Key and Daniel Radcliffe’s The Woman in Black meets Marchlands and Lightfields.

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First look—Antonio Banderas produces and stars with robots in “Automata”

First look–Antonio Banderas produces and stars with robots in “Automata”

Automata poster A Automata poster B

Antonio Banderas is not someone you might think of as star of sci-fi or futuristic tales, but evidently this is one he’s had in play for a while.  He’s producing and starring in his next feature film–taking inspiration from Isaac Asimov short stories his new Automata looks a bit like Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence meets Elysium or District 9.

Something about the variety of…

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The Simpsons—A 12-day, 552-episode mega-marathon begins today

The Simpsons–A 12-day, 552-episode mega-marathon begins today

Simpsons characters

It’s time to take your vacation, to call in sick, or do whatever you have to do.  It’s Matt Groening’s The Simpsons.  And it’s all 26 seasons, including the movie, in order.  Oh my.  It all begins today.

Take a trip back in time to 1989.  And re-live every pop culture reference, every celebrity satire, and every angst-ridden moment since.  Donut-eating Homer, big blue haired Marge, skateboard…

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Previews—New borgs and more today from Dynamite

Previews–New borgs and more today from Dynamite

BSG1880-01-Cov-Syaf  SMDMSeasonSix05-Cov-Ross

Battlestar Galactica in 1880?  As a graphic steampunk story?  Steampunk Cylons?  You bet.  Today, Dynamite Comics launches its new series Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880, taking an alternate universe look at the popular 1978 and 2004 sci-fi television series characters.  And for even more sci-fi fun, our favorite borg is back this month in a new issue of The Six Million Dollar Man Season…

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Blast from the Past—Eliza Dushku’s Tru Calling now playing on Chiller

Blast from the Past–Eliza Dushku’s Tru Calling now playing on Chiller

Eliza Dushku Tru Calling

Between 2003 and 2005, Fox aired one of the best supernatural thrillers to date. Fans of Eliza Dushku, missing her superb performance as vampire slayer Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, could get their fix with Tru Calling.  After years of sitting on the shelf Tru Calling is finally being re-broadcast Wednesday nights on the Chiller cable network.

Eliza Dushku’s first starring vehicle of her…

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Slate of comedic icons to star in TNT’s The Librarians

Slate of comedic icons to star in TNT’s The Librarians

The Librarians band of misfits

The TNT Network announced it has ordered 10 episodes of The Librarians, a new television series spinning off from The Librarian movies.  Christian Kane (Leverage, Angel) and Rebecca Romijn (X-Men, King & Maxwell) are returning to TNT and will lead the cast of the new series along with Lindy Booth (Kick-ass 2, Nero Wolfe, Warehouse 13, Dawn of the Dead, Supernatural) and John Kim (Neighbors, The…

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Doctor Who premiere takes to U.S. theaters, Takeover Week returns tomorrow

Doctor Who premiere takes to U.S. theaters, Takeover Week returns tomorrow

Cybermen and the 12th Doctor

As we saw with last year’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the BBC knows how to whet fans’ appetites with a week-long lead-in of episodes and documentaries leading up to benchmarks in the Doctor Whouniverse.  The next benchmark is of course Peter Capaldi’s first full episode as the 12th Doctor airing next Saturday night, 51 years after kids in England were first entranced by a…

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Interconnectedness – Matt Kindt’s “Red Handed: The Fine Art of Strange Crimes”

Interconnectedness – Matt Kindt’s “Red Handed: The Fine Art of Strange Crimes”

Red Handed by Matt Kindt WELCOME TO EARTH-4 A Weekly Column with J. Torrey McClain

I finished Red Handed: The Fine Art of Strange Crimesby Matt Kindt yesterday morning.  I immediately wanted to start at the beginning again.  If not for the rest of the day’s distractions, I probably would have.  I know I’m looking forward to it tonight.  I know that I’m looking at it over there at the foot of my bed as I type.  At some…

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Retro review—Original The Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D, now on Blu-ray

Retro review–Original The Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D, now on Blu-ray

creature from black lagoon poster

Who is my favorite Universal Studios classic movie monster?  I have always answered The Creature from the Black Lagoon.  I first watched the web-footed and web-handed fellow with gills in 3D on local network television on one Friday night many years ago.  I am not sure cable TV was yet making its headway across the country, but the “creature feature” was something marketed for a few weeks over…

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