On DVD and Blu-ray—Moretz and Taylor-Johnson kicking it again in Kick-Ass 2

On DVD and Blu-ray–Moretz and Taylor-Johnson kicking it again in Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2 banner

If you like edgy superhero flicks and missed Kick-Ass 2 in theaters, it’s now available on Blu-ray and DVD.  If you liked the original, you’ll love the sequel.  Kick-Ass 2 pretty much requires you’ve seen the original Kick-Ass, a truly novel, unique, and interesting piece of filmmaking.  It’s a good film that takes an idea from a Mark Millar comic book series and propels it into a big-time…

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Preview—IDW Publishing and Fox bring back Jack Bauer in two new series

Preview–IDW Publishing and Fox bring back Jack Bauer in two new series

24 cover 1

Previously on 24

Four years ago, CTU agent Jack Bauer became a fugitive from justice.  Soon he will risk his life and freedom to avert yet another global disaster and LIVE ANOTHER DAY.

Jack spent the intervening years in exile, and now we reveal what happened during his time in the European UNDERGROUND…

Written by Ed Brisson (Secret Avengers), with art by Michael Gaydos (Alias), 24:…

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First look—WGN America takes the nuclear option with “Manhattan”

First look–WGN America takes the nuclear option with “Manhattan”

Manhattan screencap

A brief trailer premiered this weekend on WGN America during the unfortunately abysmal premiere of Brannon Braga’s new series Salem, for another production coming to the network this summer.  That new series is Manhattan, and it follows Salem as the second original scripted series for WGN America.  Both series are billed as historical fiction, but Manhattanappears to fit the genre better…

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Retro Watch: The X-Files goes to 1940s origin in new series

Retro Watch: The X-Files goes to 1940s origin in new series

X-Files Millie Ohio and Bing Ellinson

The X-Files, that classic TV series that took off recently with its The X-Files Season 10 monthly comic book series, will be expanding The X-Files universe even further.  IDW Publishing revealed some details about the new series Sunday at WonderCon in Anaheim, California.

Writer Karl Kesel (Marvel’s FF, Superboy), artists Vic Malhotra (The X-Files: Conspiracy, The Crow) and Greg Scott (The…

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Days of Future Past—Bryan Singer’s new business card?

Days of Future Past–Bryan Singer’s new business card?


Were I Joe Hollywood, that puppet master that controls the destiny of all things in Entertainmentland, who has infinite resources and influence and what he says goes, I’d put Bryan Singer forward as the next director of the next movie release for Star Trek, Star Wars, or any DC Comics property.  The guy behind the X-Men movies, Superman Returns, Valkyrie, House, M.D., and The Usual Suspectscould…

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Second volume of “Voyages” even better than the first

Second volume of “Voyages” even better than the first


Review by C.J. Bunce

Marc Cushman’s second volume of These Are the Voyages, his unprecedented treatise on Star Trek, the original series, is an improvement on his first volume, reviewed last year here at borg.com, which was a thorough history of the landmark series’ first season.  But where Volume 1 was a goodread–an assemblage of facts from multiple sources not easily obtainable otherwise and…

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Orphan Black—The best series of 2013 returns Saturday

Orphan Black–The best series of 2013 returns Saturday

orphan-black-season-2-poster9 orphan-black-season-2-poster6

Who needs a Clone Army?   Set your DVRs now.  You won’t want to miss the return of BBC America’s Orphan Black and star Tatiana Maslany, featuring the best TV series, and best actor, of 2013.

orphan-black-season-2-poster2 orphan-black-season-2-poster3

Here is a trailer for Season 2, while you’re waiting for Saturday:


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Grimm: Below the Surface—New insider’s guide goes behind the scenes of the hit NBC series

Grimm: Below the Surface–New insider’s guide goes behind the scenes of the hit NBC series

grimm below the surface

Last week’s episode of Grimmmay have been one of the best on TV this year, bringing together threads formed since the beginning of the show.  The result proved the old adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and pitted the “good” guys together with the “bad” guys against the “even worse” guys.  The most unlikely of pairings occurred in nearly every scene.  It was brilliant TV, and we can…

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Several favorites nominated for 2014 Eisner Awards

Several favorites nominated for 2014 Eisner Awards

Hawkeye issue 11

The 2014 Eisner Award nominations were released today.  Not a lot of surprises again this year.  The nominations tend toward more serious subjects in the year’s comic book offerings as opposed to action-packed superhero titles, sci-fi, fantasy, humor, or popular works.  But there are exceptions, and some can be found this year.  And should you think the books reviewed and lauded here at borg.com

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Preview—The Six Million Dollar Man Season 6, Issue #2

Preview–The Six Million Dollar Man Season 6, Issue #2

SMDMS6 2 cover Ross

Season Two of The Six Million Dollar Man is in full gear.  Issue #2 of Dynamite Comics’ newest monthly series is in comic book stores tomorrow.  Oscar Goldman must tell Steve Austin that O.S.I.’s bionics division is closing its doors.  What will this mean for Steve and Jamie?

An alien organism has made it to Earth’s surface.

Who is the new face-changing Steve Austin doppelganger?  The menace…

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