What is the most iconic Star Trek prop?

What is the most iconic Star Trek prop?

Spock with tricorder

It’s a question die-hard Star Trek fans ask themselves:  If you could own one favorite Star Trek prop, what would it be?  This weekend a Star Trek Facebook page asked thousands of followers to comment on one question:  If you could have any autographed Trek prop, what would it be and who would you have sign it? With nearly 2,000 respondents we thought it was a good opportunity to use these…

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The 12th Doctor’s latest fantastic voyage: Destination Dalek

The 12th Doctor’s latest fantastic voyage: Destination Dalek

Into the Dalek screencap

Review by C.J. Bunce

With the historic reboot of Doctor Whoin 2006 and all of Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat’s world building since then with Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and their five companion voyagers– what if the creators have been holding back?  What if we haven’t seen nothin’ yet, if all these great science fiction episodes were all leading up to the real payoff…

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On Finding Hope – The Road

On Finding Hope – The Road

2011-10-22_17-12-13_374 WELCOME TO EARTH-4 A Weekly Column with J. Torrey McClain

I just finished my third book written by Cormac McCarthy.  The first was Blood Meridian, the second was No Country for Old Men, and the third was The Road.  Reading McCarthy is unlike any other literary journey I’ve taken.  What will I remember from reading The Road?  Bleakness.  Emptiness.  How man can become a monster.  Not that…

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Only five days left—Star Trek blow-out sale at Entertainment Earth

Only five days left–Star Trek blow-out sale at Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth

Now through September 2, 2014, Entertainment Earth is having a summer blowout sale, including more than 100 Star Trek items.  You’ll find everything from toys to prop and costume replicas to art prints–all on sale at the below links.

Looking for Juan Ortiz’s retro original series posters?  How about some pips for your Star Trek: The Next Generation Starfleet uniform?  How about a sphere from Sta…

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New IDW series promises “The Fall of G.I. Joe”

New IDW series promises “The Fall of G.I. Joe”

The Fall of GI Joe 1 cover   The Fall of GI Joe 1 cover b

Is there something not quite right about a new G.I. Joeseries that features a Joe team finally headed up by Scarlett, that is also titled “The Fall of G.I. Joe”?  We’re guessing the juxtaposition of these two elements wasn’t intended to be some kind of causal thing.  Instead we’re focused on plenty of cool covers released by IDW Publishing for the series, which is expected to ship its first…

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Trailer Park — The Fall 2014 Genre TV Edition

Trailer Park — The Fall 2014 Genre TV Edition

Fall TV banner

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

What’s better than when all the new TV series line up just right?  This coming Fall the networks have at least one great genre series every day of the week returning, including several new supernatural crime dramas: the CW’s Flash, ABC’s Forever, and NBC’s Gotham and Constantine.  Well, the networks have at least one genre show per day except…

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Previews—Prometheus, Grimm, a Grendel crossover with The Shadow, and Bob’s Burgers

Previews–Prometheus, Grimm, a Grendel crossover with The Shadow, and Bob’s Burgers

Prometheus_fire_and_stone1   Grendel vs The Shadow Matt Wagner

We have a variety of previews today, courtesy of Dark Horse Comics and Dynamite Comics.  New series include a monthly based on the TV series, Bob’s Burgers.  Another features a tie-in to the Alien universe, with Prometheus: Fire and Stone.  A third series based on NBC’s Grimm begins this week with Grimm: Portland, Wu.  And Matt Wagner’s anti-hero Grendel finds his way to 1930s New York in Gre…

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Remembering the actor and director Richard Attenborough

Remembering the actor and director Richard Attenborough

Attenborough in Jurassic Park

The motion picture industry lost a great director and character actor this weekend with the passing of Richard Attenborough at age 90.  Attenborough likely will be best remembered because of his starring role as the jolly John Hammond, the “spared no expense” creator of the dinosaur theme park in Jurassic Park(1993).  Rightly so.  The adventure film will go down as one of the biggest…

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Movie review—Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles offers some good summer fun

Movie review–Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles offers some good summer fun

TMNT elevator

Review by C.J. Bunce

Somewhere around the halfway mark of the new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,a fun action flick comes together.  If you can get to that point without falling asleep.  With the modern special effects this movie should not have needed to have been compared to the original 1990 film version.  Unfortunately the slow start and less-than-appealing villains keep this one from…

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